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Current Version: 2017 v1.12015V3_Medium_screenshot

New features introduced in this version
are outlined on the JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics What’s New page.

As with earlier upgrades, this upgrade to version 2017 v1.1 of JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics requires that version 5.0 or later already be installed on your PC. If you currently have a version of JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics older than version 5.0, please contact our Product Support Center if you wish to have an upgrade CD mailed to you.

You may check your current version by selecting Help, About from the main menu within JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics.

If your subscription has expired and you wish to receive this upgrade along with future upgrades for JPRO® Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics, as well as phone and product support, you will need to purchase a JPRO® COMMERCIAL VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS SERVICE AGREEMENT (#40102) by visiting our Online Store or by contacting our Product Support Center.