Replacement Parts

  • Fleet Service Kit Carrying Case


    SKU: 12115

    The JPRO® Fleet Service Kit Carrying Case was designed specifically for your JPRO® Fleet Service Kit. It features a lockable case, a removable tray that protects your laptop computer from all sides, and a lower level of storage for your JPRO® Data Link Adapter, cables, and CDs.

  • DLA+ 2.0 Carrying Case


    SKU: 12101

    The JPRO® DLA+ 2.0 Carrying Case is a rugged and durable case is to keep your JPRO® Data Link Adapter and cables organized and protected from the elements of the service bay environment.

  • Wireless USB Connector


    SKU: 32117

    The Wireless USB Connector is a high quality device used for communication with the JPRO® DLA+ Wireless adapter. Due to its support of Wireless N network technology, this adapter is capable of ranges far greater than that of a typical Wireless G device, but is compatible with Wireless G networks.
    *usb wireless stick model subject to change without notice